The quarantine kid’s feet painting festival by Dr. Foot

Quarantine is best time for Self-screening kids’ feet disorders

Dr. Reza Ghalamghash, president of Dr. Foot suggests that people can perform the screening test on themselves and their kids at home and discover possible disorders and treat them with exercise therapy. He also added that this can be an opportunity to take measures for correcting our children’s posture and have more beautiful and stronger kids in the future with a higher quality of life.

He added: Nowadays, in every 4 child between the ages of 4 and 14, 3 of them are suffering from a type of musculoskeletal disorder which is caused by the change in lifestyle. Lack of exercising, video games, living in apartments and having limited access to parks and open space or active games, causes muscle weakness, weight gain and a change in children’s posture and this matter, causes the next generation to become weak or suffer from various musculoskeletal diseases.

Kid's feet Festival

Dr. Ghalamghash, stated that: the best method of treatment for these disorders is early screening tests, diagnosing the disorder in time and perform conservative treatments like exercise therapy, using orthotics and correcting their lifestyle.
Correcting the posture of children causes them to be more beautiful, more active and more efficient later in their life and if you remind them of these, they will be motivated to follow their treatment plan.
Due to the fact that during quarantine, parents spend more time with their kids, Dr. Foot has decided to teach self-screening to parents to discover these disorders and also, grant them an entertainment.

Families can visit Dr. Foot’s website to learn about the screen test. Also, by coloring children’s feet and marking it on a piece of paper, the parents can ask their kid to draw a nice picture of it and send it to Dr. Foot’s Instagram page to participate in the international competition of “Health in quarantine”.
Dr. Foot has considered amazing gifts for the winners and is also inviting all celebrities to improve their countries’ gifts and encourage more people to stay at home and be healthy.
The president of Dr. Foot added that this is the third kids feet painting campaign held by Dr. Foot, and its purpose is to diagnose foot biomechanical disorders and treating them.